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Another unsolicited story (verbatim) from a Compass Fat Loss Patient:

1 1/2 years ago I stood on the scale and saw a number that made me say – “Laura, you better do something or you will get featured on My 600 pound Life” -you were not my first try (if you were advertising Sept of 2015 i never heard it) but I honestly believe you will be the last. On that day the scale read 340. Who the f__k cares at that point.

I am so glad I DID hear your ad enough times, DID get brave (or desperate) enough to go on line AND you had an opening on a day I had scheduled off. I knew from what you said and what I knew to be true the plan could work – my biggest doubt was whether I could do it or not. You once said i was ready to walk the plank rather than do one – that was so true – I am not sure even you realize how low I was.

Well you were right (still kills me to say that so often) it works and as you well know I HAVE been able to do it. I am sure I have been a trial at times. I am sure I am responsible for adding a few additional gray hairs to your head. And I know for a fact that you had no idea what you were getting into last June – I know how “different” I can be at times – back then you may have thought i was somewhat normal. and I sometimes still wonder why you didn’t say (nicely of course) “Laura, I don’t think this plan is for you.” You may have wished you did at times 🙂

Well my friend i am sure you are wondering why this email – today was the big day – while 22# came off before I met you today’s weight makes my official total 100#

So many times when I looked at the total amount of weight I needed to lose – over 150# it felt hopeless and insurmountable. You, sir, have made that mountain surmountable. This is to say thank you! A thousand times over. There are days I hate you and your “I am watching”. There are days I want to say f__k it and eat all the things I know would put me back where I started and your “which do you want more” echoes thru my brain. At the store today as my eyes wandered toward something chocolate and calorie laden the bracelet I told you about actually popped out of my sleeve – how the hell you did that I will never know! But that item is still on the store shelf. And if I am totally honest I only started exercising so I would not give you the opportunity to nag me about it…now damn you were right again.

So THANK YOU for all you have done so far and helping me believe that the rest is achievable – it is so mind blowing to say “I lost 100 #” and even more mind blowing to find myself contemplating that I can reach my goal. If I am gonna be the sexy old lady at my nephew’s wedding in April – how hot will I be in another 50 # ! may have to start shaving a few years off my age – before this is over I may just be younger than you!

THANK YOU TO THE PERSON WHO HELPED ME DISCARD THE BEST 78 POUNDS OF MY LIFE! (I don’t say lost because that implies you want to find it again)

Best Regards,

Dr. Eric M. Kusher