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So, now that we have a better understanding of how our genetics affects our ability to lose weight, and how to also take actions to manipulate genetic expression, let’s dig into the second help (or hindrance) to losing weight effectively…hormones.

You can get the basics from any college physiology textbook…but we go way beyond basics here. Previous schools of thought espoused that metabolism and therefore weight, were under the sole control of thyroid hormones, and to a lesser degree, sex hormones and insulin.

While these are still among the cast of characters, many other roles are played by lesser known hormones:

• Adrenalin
• Leptin
• Adiponectin
• Ghrelin
• Resistin
• Adipsin

…and many more

Each of these hormones in turn, (some of which are actually produced by fat tissue!) can have a significant impact on weight loss physiology and success or failure.

While normal thyroid function is imperative to proper weight management, the thyroid is not the whipping post it has been made out to be, except in rarer cases than previously thought.

Even in those cases where thyroid function was sub-par, this is often traced back to dysfunction in other systems, which ultimately manifested in abnormal thyroid function. (Do you want to address the finding or the cause?)

Insulin is a far more powerful and shorter-acting variable in the weight control process…and not only having the proper amounts of insulin circulating in the blood, but just as critical is the level of receptor sensitivity to insulin.

Reduced insulin sensitivity is a primary cause of fat deposition, as opposed to being able to burn sugar effectively for fuel. Other listed hormones, some of which are produced by fat (who knew fat was an endocrine organ?) have significant effects on our hunger, ability to store fat, even the types of fat we store (brown vs. white).

As complicated as the physiology may seem, fortunately the fix is simple…if not easy! Eat the types of foods your body was coded and constructed to eat in appropriate amounts and times…perform the quantity of exercise best suited to your makeup, for the proper duration, frequency, and intensity of workout best suited for you… take the proper nutritional supplements where necessary (tough to get these all from food these days)… and address the other components of successful weight loss outlined in our first post on this subject.

But first, arm yourself with the proper knowledge and customized plan to carry out the project and attain the goal…for YOU…not some statistical population!

Stay tuned for the next topic…your Microbiome!

Best Regards,

Dr. Eric M. Kusher