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Losing weight effectively is easy for some, quite difficult for many. The days of following a program which simply limits calorie intake and increases calorie expenditure are dead and buried – so much of successful weight loss and management depends upon a handful of other parameters, most of which are under our control…if we know what they are! Food is more than fuel and sustenance, it is information…data which your body perceives (and every body perceives it differently!) and acts upon in accordance with certain conditions which are individualized for each person.

This is an overview of what those conditions are – we will expand upon these in future posts, and what each of us can do to regain control of these conditions, and alter them to achieve success. The main conditions under our control are:

Genetics – some of this is indeed hard-wired, and beyond our control; but a surprising amount of your genetic makeup is controllable. The science of epigenetics provides insight into how genes are expressed, and actions we can take to manipulate their expression.

Hormones – we’re not just talking about sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones. We also have to be aware of the effects of hormones produced directly by our fat tissue, and insulin, who’s sensitivity we have definite control over, thereby determining levels of fat storage and fat burning

Microbiome – the content and balance of our intestinal flora exerts a direct effect on our ability to lose weight, and keep it off long-term

Exercise – this goes way beyond burning calories! Variables including the proportion of cardio and resistance exercise, frequency of workouts, duration of workouts, intensity of exercise determine each person’s individual response based upon their genetic profile. The right workout can be magic, the wrong workout can be little more than frustrating!

Age – definitely a factor which can help or hinder progress…but again, responsive to more control than you would imagine.

Gender – perhaps the most unfair of the bunch, but women need not feel cheated. They just need to know how to transition their specific metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning.

I’ll teach you, if you’ll follow, how losing weight and optimizing your body’s composition, not only for your appearance and self-esteem, but far more importantly for your long term health optimization…can be transformed from a painful struggle to a simple collection of comfortable lifestyle changes which can easily be sustained for life, and quit being perceived as eternal sacrifice.

Learn how to accomplish this by following upcoming posts!

Best Regards,

Dr. Eric M. Kusher